Pacific Conveyors Ltd
Even the simplest systems sometimes require unique components.
At Pacific Conveyors, we have the in-house design and manufacture
capability to produce them for you quickly and inexpensively.

A few examples
Single carriage vertical conveyor - Toyota Canada Case turner - Molson Canada
Tight radius curve
When standard  components do not
fit into existing space.
Case turner
Dual vari-speed belts rotate case
by the exact amount required
Duraflame, Rcihmond BC RFID baggage tag reader - Vancouver Airport
Single carriage vertical conveyor.
A  space  saving  alternative  to  belt conveyor at lower production rates
Non-metallic conveyors
Used with metal detectors, MRI, and radio frequency identification
High speed meter/scale conveyors
weigh your products on the fly.
Stainless ball transfer - baggage screening line.
Modular and custom built workstations
and support systems.
Stainless bucket elevator - Golden Boy Foods Sushi carousel - Starlight Casino
Stainless food grade conveyors,
Mezzanines,  Bucket elevators,
Sushi Carousels, Ball transfers.
Assembly area and test benches at
Pacific Conveyors head office.
Delta, B.C.
6000 lbs capacity turntable
with heavy duty pallet conveyor.
End stop with fork lift cut-outs
Guards against impact damage
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